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Tap. Snap. Claim. Easy.

Welcome to SmartClaim from HIF, our free and easy-to-use mobile claiming app that makes it simpler than ever to fast-track your ancillary health insurance claims.

With SmartClaim, you can make a claim wherever you are, whenever you like. It’s as simple as:

· Tap in your details. Type your personal information and claim details directly into SmartClaim.
· Snap your receipts. Use your mobile’s camera to take a photo of your invoices and SmartClaim will cleverly bundle them up for you, ready to submit with your claim details.
· Submit your claim. Then we’ll take care of the rest, reimbursing your money asap.

What can you claim with SmartClaim?

You can use SmartClaim to claim for any of our broad range of ancillary services, including:

Podiatry consultations
And more, depending on your level of cover

It’s free, fast and green.

You can still make a claim by email, mail, fax, or in person if you like. But with SmartClaim at your fingertips, why would you? It’s free, it fast-tracks your claim and it reduces paper waste.

SmartClaim puts the power to claim in the palm of your hand. However, please bear in mind that:

· A maximum of four items can be claimed per SmartClaim
· A maximum of $700 (total service fee value) can be claimed per day
· The ‘Date of Service’ must be less than two years prior to the date on the invoice(s) you are claiming
· You must retain all relevant invoices/receipts for two years from the date you lodge each new SmartClaim
· HIF reserves the right to select claims at random for auditing purposes


What's New in Version 2.0.1

• Improved network reliability when submitting claims


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